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More Than 10 Years of Fighting for Justice

Established in 2002, Cullen J. Lane, Esq., P.A. has provided personal legal service and aggressive representation for countless accident victims. After suffering a serious injury because of another person's negligence or recklessness, you deserve to receive full compensation. Unfortunately, insurance companies and liable individuals can be very hesitant to pay the compensation that you deserve. That is why you need the counsel and representation of a personal injury lawyer.

I am Attorney Cullen Lane, and my goal is to help you fight for justice and fair compensation after an accident. I represent clients in all types of personal injury cases, including catastrophic workplace accidents and medical malpractice. Our firm also has extensive experience resolving Medicare liens, Florida Medicaid liens and private health insurance liens. Our firm represents individuals, doctors, chiropractors and condominium associations in all matters dealing with insurance coverage and we represent clients nationwide, handling cases all over the country.

Personalized representation and one-on-one attention contributes extensively to my success, which can be seen through my many victories. No matter how you were injured, who was responsible, or how complex your case may seem, I have the knowledge and experience to get results. While some cases cannot be resolved without going to court, every effort is made to settle cases without the time and expense of litigation. Anyone in need of excellent counsel and personal attention from an attorney can discuss their case with me personally during a free initial consultation.

Experienced in All Areas of Personal Injury

Traffic accidents are the leading cause of personal injury in North Miami and across the nation. If you have been involved in a car accident or truck accident, contact my firm right away. I can investigate your collision and gather evidence to establish liability and recover maximum compensation. Such evidence can include photos, witness statements, police statements, and medical evaluations of your injuries. The sooner you retain me after such an accident, the fresher the evidence will be and the higher your chances will be of maximizing your compensation.

Premises liability incidents and workplace accidents are other common causes of injury. Perhaps you've been injured in a slip and fall accident because of a negligent employee or property owner. Maybe you were involved in a catastrophic workplace accident because of another person's negligence. I can represent you in either situation and prove that you deserve to be compensated. I also represent people who have been injured by a negligent medical professional or hospital staff member, as well as the family members of victims of wrongful death.

Wind, Water & Hurricane Property Damage Claims

Florida is known for experiencing a number of tropical storms and other serious weather conditions throughout the year, which means that you may have suffered damages due to a fire, flood, or hurricane. Insurance companies can be particularly stingy the moment you file a claim for hurricane property damage which is outrageous considering many insurance companies are on the fortune 500 list and have unlimited resources. Insurance companies collect premiums from you and invest your premiums in the stock and make money on those investments. Paying your claim is NOT a priority for the insurance company. Cullen J. Lane, Esq., P.A. levels the playing field so your rights are protected. I know your rights and can work with your insurance company to negotiate a fair settlement or litigate for the verdict you need.

My firm also represents individuals and condominium boards who are filing claims for condominium damage. Insurance companies can be less than cooperative in these situations, as well, but I am more than capable of recovering your damages through a claim. No matter what damages you or your property has suffered, I can work hard to win you fair compensation.

When thinking about filing your own insurance claim, consider the following:

  • Insurance companies keep track of all claims you file and share that information with other insurance companies.
  • Insurance companies count all car accidents against your rating, not just at-fault accidents.
  • The term "Full Coverage" has no legal meaning. What really matters is what is written in your insurance policy.
  • If your private health insurance company, Medicaid or Medicare paid a portion of or all your medical bills, they have a lien on your case.
  • If you file suit on your claim, it could take years before your case goes to trial.
  • An insurance adjuster handling your claim will tell you not to hire an attorney because it is advantageous for the insurance company.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in North Miami, FL

Have you been seriously injured in an accident? Do you need to fight for justice and fair compensation by filing a personal injury claim or lawsuit? Make sure that you have the quality representation and personal legal service that you need by hiring me, Attorney Cullen Lane, to represent you. When you hire me as your attorney, I will be the one answering the phone, answering your questions, handling your documents, and representing you from start to finish. I pride myself on providing personal service and have built a reputation for excellence over the past decade. Contact me at your earliest convenience to schedule your free case evaluation and discuss your case at no cost to you!